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Just when you thought it was safe to go...  

Eviloutlaw1 61M
5883 posts
7/20/2021 9:27 am

Last Read:
7/22/2021 2:14 am

Just when you thought it was safe to go...

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Eviloutlaw1 61M
5180 posts
7/20/2021 9:30 am

Back in the water. You might remember that tag line from Jaws 2. Reading the news yesterday and the rise of new cases of the virus, and the up tick in people being admitted to hospital once again ( most due to the new Delta variant) Brought the movie line to mind.

Yes, just a we were all getting back to "somewhat" normal lives with mask restrictions being lifted as well as being able get out and about and travel freely if we'd had the shots. It looks like we are headed back to square one again.

I for one don't want a repeat of 2020. It's not a year I care to live over. I can't help feeling rater pissed off at the situation. As we hear from those in charge ( Scientists, Health Experts ) The vaccines can prevent the new variant from taking hold if you've had your shots, and would prevent it from being passed on to others if you do happen to pick up a mild strain of the Delta variant. Yet there are some who think that getting the shots somehow infringes on their rights...okay..I get it it's your body and you are in charge. But lets face it, getting the shot is the only way, short of Divine Intervention were going to stop this bug.

Now I'm a nerd...yeah, I admit the fact. Another line from a movie comes to mind as well. (Star Trek ) "The good of the many out weigh the good of the few... or the one" Corny I know, but true. I also paraphrased the line, yeah..but you get my point. A couple of jabs in the arm will only last a couple of fractions of a seconds.

Please seriously consider the alternative ..another year like 2020.

Eviloutlaw1 61M
5180 posts
7/20/2021 9:30 am

Have a good one people....

hardguy0051 71M
503 posts
7/20/2021 11:03 am

Bad news from the UK-- 60% of hospitalized COVID patients are unvaccinated, meaning 40% were vaccinated.

author51 60F  
130010 posts
7/20/2021 12:42 pm

I heard the States were getting hit hard and feel it is because of easing restrictions way too quickly then other countries . Countries who had not had their first, nor second dose and those of you who traveled and opened up your borders to it.. Also due to those who fought the vaccines due to "Infringment" on so called freedoms and rights, without considering anyone else..Now those of you who felt that way, are bringing it to others, outside your country..and the variant which travels so much quicker....I wish countries and people who do not consider others but themselves, eventually will because this is what happens when they do not.....xoxo

Tmptrzz 60F  
107039 posts
7/20/2021 2:06 pm

I have to say I agree with everything you said, you know the people who aren't getting the shots from what I have heard are saying they want to wait until it gets full approval from the FDA.

I get that if people don't want to get the shot, well then at least follow the guidelines to keep others safe. I am fully vaccinated I had to because of my hubbies underlying health conditions. The shot is the lesser of the two evils, because this new VARIANT is more contagious and more deadlier.

And as my hubby says either you want to live or you want to die. He's kind of crass but he's absolutely right. I hope the non vaccinated, really think about this and get vaccinated soon..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

jajo696 112F
4287 posts
7/20/2021 2:36 pm

There are many " breakthrough cases " , of those who have been vaxxed. However, the ones who are dying are those who are unvaxxed. So there is some sort of shield for those who chose to get the vax.

Ur right tho.infringement or not get the darn shot. Its the only avenue to some sort of normality.

Ive also maintained that those unvaxxed sign a health care waiver. They are not to receive any extrqordinary measures.....taking those services away from someone who played by the rules.

Can you imagine the hospitals full of anti vaxxers....leaving no room/ supplies/ personnell for those who have been vaxxed. Geeze ~~

PonyGirl1965 57F
22090 posts
7/21/2021 12:21 am

I don't see that we will ever be rid of this virus. From the very beginning I guessed it would end up like the flu and be seasonal. I was wrong. It had no problems spreading in the summer. So now we have a year round killer flu like virus.

PonyGirl1965 57F
22090 posts
7/21/2021 12:25 am

And yes, just as HardGuy said, many, many of those sick were vaccinated! It is not a guarantee they won't get Covid and all its variants.
Last year we were tracking how long antibodies lived in those that actually got infected with Covid. We as in me and friends and our blood institute which pushed for anybody that had Covid to donate plasma that could be given to the sickest hospitalized people. Anyway last year they were greatly impressed when a man that contracted Covid still had good antibodies after 5 months. Most peoples antibodies were so low their plasma wouldn't help much. This is part of why one of the vaccine manufacturers stated people should get a booster 8 months after initial vaccination. Guess what got squished? That info!

WyoCowboy7751 69M
2537 posts
7/21/2021 5:35 am

I'm beginning to think that more & more of the Hype is just an attempt to get Non - Vaccinated to RUN & Get Vaccinated Read a story about an outdoor concert & a few days later 900 + goers tested Positive SAY WHATTTT !!!!

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