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Wife watching...  

Jessygirl23 29F  
275 posts
10/5/2021 7:06 am
Wife watching...

Hubbys obsession with wanting to watch me fuck other men had become excessive and it was like I had a for a husband who wanted to share me with everyone!

This happened back in the earlier days when I thought the things we did were just a diversion to enhance our already incredible sex life. Hubby went through a stage where he would go on and on about wanting me to fuck big groups of men. I was very submissively and naively obedient back then, a wide eyed trusting innocence who thought hubby was like a God who knew everything. I normally did anything he wanted because I wanted to impress him and show him I could be the wife he wanted me to be for him.

From the type of work he was into back then hubby had a massive circle of acquaintances and friends who seem to be just as erratic with women as he was with me. One moment hubby would treat me like a queen, who could never do wrong, I was his goddess who he adhored, protected and worshipped then in the next moment I was just some gutter that he treated like shit. I quickly learned what hubby liked from me, how he wanted me to look, to behave, what to wear and most importantly I quickly learned hubby wasn't going to change just because we were married.

His friends were always trying to out do each other and seemed to have a competition going on of who had the most sexiest beautiful women. They were all very ego driven and when we went out together they would often brag about how great the sex was with some woman they fucked and unashamedly brag about it right in front of me like they were trying to impress me. I was quite often really embarrassed with some of the things they shared with each other and the things I had done previously with hubby were eventually shared too and like all rumours and stories, they do tarnish and people will judge and treat you accordingly. I had only been married to hubby for a while and I was still blindly in love. We had already done a few things with some of his friends before we were married which I loved but now that we were married I thought things might change but they didn't.

He continued to me to have sex with other men and it didn't take long for the rumours to spread among our friends and at our regular entertainment spots that I was still an available hot slut wife. It was at our regular Saturday night spot where we could both get drunk, have a great night, relax, play pool and have a laugh with people we knew that I felt the most relaxed but it was also very well known among the people there that hubby was quite okay with sharing his wife!

Whenever we went there hubby always wanted me to look super sexy and this night I wore this very hot soft flared mini skirt with this tiny yellow blouse that was only covering half my massive boobs and I had patterned black stockings on with black heels. Hubby said when I danced and twirled the skirt would lift showing glimpses of my shaven pussy and bare bum through the stockings and my boobs would delightfully jiggle with every movement I made. This of course, which I think was hubbys intention, did attract a massive crowd of men constantly perving at me everywhere I went at the venue. I loved the attention and was being who hubby wanted me to be and I was doing it so well I became hot property among many of his friends who were constantly trying to fuck me. Hubby loved knowing so many of his friends always wanted to fuck me and I think he loved the power of having control over me and deciding which of his friends, if any, I would be allowed to fuc I would flirt with everyone but give myself to no one and not because I didn't have the opportunity but simply because back then I was just far too faithful to hubby. Many times friends of hubby would try to fuck me but I just wouldn't allow it and always pushed them away but this night hubby and I had this big talk before going out about how much he wanted to see me fuck a big group of guys for him. We had talked about this many times before but I really didn't want to because I wasn't sure if I could handle that many men.

With many of our friends there, I must confess it was the perfect night for something like that to happen and thoughts of making things happen for hubby were in my mind the entire time. I was having a great time dancing, flirting and getting drunk and hubby wasn't his usual tense pushy self but instead seemed surprisingly relaxed. There was nothing pre arranged with anyone but as always we did have a room booked close by where we intended to stay the night. By the end of the night I was quite drunk, very tired, hungry and ready to just relax and unwind before going to bed which would have been possible if half of hubby's friends hadn't decided to come back to the room with us to keep the night going drinking. I wasn't happy they did that because I wanted to spend some quality time with hubby alone but his friends were always quite difficult to control when they had been drinking and was just something I had learned to endure. Sex was the furtherest thing on my mind and all I wanted to do was go to sleep but it really was just an impossible dream with hubby's friends there so I thought I may as well keep drinking with them.

They were all sprawled through the room drinking, bragging about conquests to each other, behaving like idiots and trying their best to fuck me. I was being as politely rejectful as I could be with his friends but some of them just wouldn't take no for an answer. Hubby was quite hyped, bouncing around the room getting drinks for everyone and telling everyone to be quiet all the time because none of them were even supposed to be in the room. I didn't realise it at the time but back hubby must have virtually cum in his pants watchingme behaving badly withhis friendsthat night. He would have been super excited hoping I was about to let all these guys gangfuck my pussy but the truth was all I wanted to do was go to sleep but that was until hubbys friend kissed me.

That one unexpected kiss kind of woke me up, it jolted me out of my fatigued state. I could feel the rush of excitement course through my body when he gently fondled my breast making me slowly sit up and kiss him bac I felt half asleep, like I was dreaming and only focused on the way he was kissing me. I had forgotten I was the only female in a room full of men who wanted to fuck me. I became solely focused on the prolonged kiss between us, I could feel his eagerness of wanting to have me, I could feel the excitement in his body as he took control of mine holding me firmly in his arms as if not to let me escape. When my hand accidentally brushed over his crotch I could feel the massive hardness of his cock pressing against the material of his pants. I placed my hand over his cock and started to push against it through his trousers and I could feel the perfectness of its size pushing bac The kissing between us started to become quite passionate and for me everything else in the room ceased to exist. My mind had blocked everything else out and all I was concentrating on was feeling the size of his enormous cock through his trousers and how tingly he made me feel by the way his wandering hands were exploring my highly sensitive body. I could feel his hands slowly exploring every part of my body, massaging my soft tingling skin as he headed down toward my pussy. It felt amazingly seductive and I didn't it to stop, I quickly became mesmerised with the way he was kissing my lips, his tongue exploring my mouth and his fingers massaging my body, then finally my pussy through the stockings I was wearing. I could feel his fingers pushing hard against my clitoris and moving up and down along the wetness of my slit responding to his touch.

I couldn't resist his intense level of passion and my legs just naturally relaxed, falling away as I pushed my pelvis against the firm forcefulness of his searching fingers. My knees fell to the side spreading my legs wide and then he started to tug at my stockings with his fingers tearing at them and exposing my sloppy, drenched, sweet scented pussy. His fingers immediately slipped through the opening he made in my stockings and slid them deep inside my now saturated pussy. I had become so engrossed in what we were doing I didn't realise we were putting on a sex show for everyone else. It was only when we stopped kissing the realisation of my compromising position became apparent. I kind of woke up and suddenly became aware of my surroundings again and found myself sitting slumped down on the edge of the couch, my stockings ripped open at my crotch with my legs spread wide with several guys on the floor in front of me directly at my over stimulated swollen wet pussy that was now out for all to see and enjoy. I don't know why but I actually felt a embarrassed although at the same time extremely turned on. I was very coy back then and still had this obvious innocence that hubbys friends used to always be trying to take advantage off. I was a sweet harmless that both hubby and his friends were always desperately trying to corrupt, always trying to lead me astray and turn me into their . I was a shocked that I had allowed myself to have been so easily distracted but thought maybe I needed that nudge to get me over the edge to do the thing hubby wanted me to do for him.

I shyly looked around and noticed hubby wasn't in the room anymore and someone said he had gone to get something. I didn't know what to do and partly covered myself to look half respectful again but I kept thinking it may have been too late! As I looked around the room at the hungry eagerness I could see in the eyes of hubby's friends back at me I thought maybe I should just let this happen because deep inside I have always loved behaving like a slut for men. I secretly wanted them to forcibly spread my legs and line up to fuck my pussy and before I was married I probably would have done exactly that but I felt I needed to be more refined now. I felt I shouldn't be so easy and give myself to just anyone anymore unless hubby said it's okay. It just felt wrong to fuck another guy without hubbys approval. My top had been pulled at and my boobs were almost falling out, I looked down and noticed my nipples were so hard they were protruding through the thin material like massive long pointers making me feel quite awkward with everyone in the room now staring at them. The guy who was kissing me kept saying it was okay to have a fun with friends and he started to very slowly and gently rub the tip of his finger across my erect nipples. It felt absolutely awesome and I instantly felt a rush of excitement surging through my pussy and the tingling throughout my whole body became amazingly intense. I was holding my skirt down with both hands covering my pussy because another guy was trying to push his hand under it and at the same time another guy moved up to me and started fondling my other breast. Secrectly inside I was absolutely loving being fondled like this, being treated like a slut, being the centre focus of all their lust and it was making me feel so hot I was almost ready to gush. They were being so soft and nice with what they were doing, whispering in my ears telling me it was okay and that hubby wouldn't mind.

In that moment I felt so turned on but so deeply guilty feeling like I was betraying hubbys trust. We hadn't been married long and here I was ready to fuck his friends and he wasn't in the room anymore so I couldn't even pretend it would be for him. I started to softly giggle as another guy moved in to touch me and I just relaxed and let myself enjoy the pleasure of being so tantalisingly fondled by them. I closed my eyes and slowly relaxed releasing a noticeable sweet scent that lingered in the air like an animal instinctively readying herself to be impregnated. I remember feeling like I was dreaming about the men in there with me but knew it was real because I could feel more hands upon my body fondling my pussy and breasts. I was trying my hardest to pretend I didn't them to be touching me and kept saying I shouldn't but my words were feeble. I couldn't hide the fact I was enjoying this because of how strongly my sweet scent was wafting through the air and how incredibly saturated I had become. I was sitting slumped down on this couch, my legs splayed wide open over the edge, each arm around the guy either side of me, my knees felt weak, my legs were shaking, I had my eyes closed and I was on the brink of squirting. They knew I was lying when I kept telling these guys I didn't them to be doing this! My words continued to fall on deaf ears and I was totally ignored and they all decided to join in on the fun and fondle my entire body. I had multiple fingers inside my pussy, my top had been pulled aside to fully expose my ample soft breasts and I had guys either side suckling on both nipples. I wanted them to stop but was powerless to muster up the willpower to make them stop. It felt like I was struggling against myself to stop, my mind was definitely saying no but my body was screaming yes and the only thing these guys were listening to were the agonising groans of pleasure I was making along with the sensually inviting responses of my body.

These guys were now all over me, kissing me, suckling my nipples, finger fucking my pussy and pawing my entire body from head to toe. I was still begging for them to stop before hubby came back but they wouldn't and it only seemed to make them even more determined to have me. I don't think I opened my eyes that entire time up to that point but then when I did the whole thing suddenly became real to me. The first thing I noticed was the unbridled eager lust they had in their eyes, they each had this obsessed look of fixation on my body as if nothing else in the world mattered. All these men had been chasing me and wanting to fuck me for a very long time and I could see in their eyes they were like animals that had finally caught the scent of a female on heat and nothing was going to stop them from acting out the desires each of them have always had for me. I suddenly felt so hapless, so vulnerable and trapped like there was nothing I could do to stop any of them from doing what they wanted. I wanted every one of them to fuck me but didn't want to be known as a slut anymore and in my heart felt so incredibly conflicted. It was only a moment after I had that thought the decision of my future was made by those men. I was dragged off the couch and carried to the bed in the arms of one guy and literally thrown onto the bed on my back and a moment after I had some guy on top crushing me under his weight as he bit down on my nipples. He held my breasts in his hands squeezing them tightly making them bulge like balloons and kept biting the tips of my nipples so hard it was making me scream out! I was thrashing around beneath him trying to get out from under him and the more pain he inflicted upon my super sensative nipples the louder he laughed at my responsive screaming!

The mood had quickly gone from being slow and tender to harsh and brutal as if they were all fed up with my reluctant teasing and indecisiveness and had collectively decided they were going to fuck me on their own terms. I instinctively welcomed their lustful touching as I instantly reverted back to being the slut I was before meeting hubby. I grabbed at them as frantically as they all grabbed at me and in minutes I had three cocks in my mouth and four to six cocks sharing my pussy. It felt like I was in a sex show as they all cheered each other on to fuck me even harder than the last guy did making me feel proudly sluttish. In quick succession they took me one after another filling my mouth and pussy with as many cocks as they could stuff in me all at once. It felt like I was being ripped apart by a pack of sex addicts, tearing at my flesh and pulling my body in different directions to get the advantage of being next to stuff my mouth or pussy with their cocks. I couldn't talk, scream or breathe because I didn't have more than a second where there wasn't someone's cock down my throat. They pulled really hard on my beautiful long blonde hair to control my mouth, pushing my mouth down their cocks to their balls, making me gag with their cocks deep in my throat and making me almost spew on the two or three cocks being rammed deep into my throat immediately one after another. They all kept telling me they knew I have always wanted this and the time for teasing was over! They were brutally powerful and frantically , fucking me like possessed demons who knew this was their only chance to treat me like the they have always wanted me to be for them. I had been cock teasing every one of these guys for a very long time and to me it felt like they were fucking me as if they were all taking vengeance for being such a bitch to them all this time.

They were continuously fucking me so hard and treating me so rough I kept almost passing out. They barely gave me a moment to catch my breath as I was passed from one to another then back again in this hard, fast, fuck session, they called great sex! These guys weren't whimpy old men, they were younger, very solid athletic types who were literally picking my petite light body up and fucking me extremely hard in so many different contorted positions I eventually did spew. For them it had become an all in fuck competition to see who could fuck me the longest, hardest and most brutally! I was enjoying the extremely harsh sex but some of the men were going too far slapping my face too hard, purposely pulling too hard on my hair, forcing my mouth down all the way on their cocks and holding me there for too long and somewhere along the way they thought my ass needed fucking too. I was straddling one guy on the couch and feeling the really sharp pain of him biting down hard on my nipples, with another guy grabbing my head and pulling me to the side to suck his cock, when another guy decided he was going to fuck me in the ass from behind. I really didn't have much of a choice because the other two were holding me so tightly and I could feel this guy try to push his cock into my ass. I couldn't say anything because I had this other guys cock in my throat and when he pushed himself inside me all I could hear for what seemed like an eternity were my muffled screams of pleasurable pain. All three pulled my body in all different directions tearing my pussy and ass apart like it was tissue paper. These guys were swapping with each other regularly and using my body like a flexible variety of fuck holes for them to enjoy. They kept laughing at my pleas to be gentle telling me they knew I liked it rough because that's what hubby has been telling them which was true because hubby does like to dominate in the bedroom and I do submissively accept it.

This whole time I hadn't even noticed hubby had come back and was recording the whole thing on his phone for the private collection he has of me. It was then I realised hubby had planned this whole thing because he knew I was far too timid back then to make it happen myself. I suddenly felt lost, confused and left wondering why, but those thoughts were short lived as the brutality of the sex started to become quite extreme. I quickly realised if I struggled the harshness only increased so I willingly became submissively obedient for every one of those men letting them do anything they wanted with my body. I knew hubby was enjoying what he was seeing because he had such an expression of evil excitement on his face it made him almost unrecognisable to me. Hubby would get in close recording their cocks sliding inside my pussy and he didn't want to miss a single time someone cum. He recorded the cum oozing from my pussy immediately after someone had filled it and pulled out. The excitement I saw in him recording them squirt cum over my face and breasts was at such a level I have never seen before and he kept telling me what a good wife I was which made me feel so proud of myself.

Hubby was the one who instigated the really rough sex calling his friends whimpy names if they were being too soft with me. I was positioned on my stomach over the mattress. My arms stretched wide with my wrists tied to the bedhead posts and hubby placed a blindfold over my eyes. I was feeling really nervous but dared not question him about doing this although he assured me I would be okay and told me just to remember my safe word. Just before I was blindfolded I could see everyone of those guys in that room licking their lips like they were starved animals about to receive their feed. Half these guys were so messed up already it was scary but for hubby to do this with me was simply petrifying! This was a side of hubby that was still coming out, a side to him I found intriguing, sexually exhilarating, yet also so petrifyingly concerning that he would even want to let his friends do these things with his wife!

He made me kneel on the mattress, so my ass was positioned high in the air, he positioned my knees apart so my pussy was left gapeing, vulnerable and open for them to do anything they wanted. I started to tremble a because I felt so vulnerably exposed and could only think of the worst! I could hear them laughing, sniggering and clapping their hands to applaud hubby for being so thoughtful and offering up his wife to be used for their perverted entertainment. So many horrible thoughts were going through my head and not knowing what to expect was the worse thing. I could hear them talking about me, discussing between each other what they may do and everything they asked hubby he just automatically said yes with no hesitation at all. Hubby had also gagged me and when I felt the harsh sting of the whip across my tender sensative pussy I just instinctively bucked and screamed. I felt the pain from the first strike shimmer through my entire body, then after a long pause of silence I felt the second strike upon my pussy that left a lasting intense sting that felt deeply concentrated throughout my clit. I could hear and feel the excitement bouncing from one person to the other in the room as they kept watching what was to come next. The sting was so intense it brought tears to my eyes as they welled up from the painfully intense throbing that I had through my pussy flaps. Again and again I was whipped making my swelling sore pussy throb and I could feel my clitoris responding. I knew I shouldn't have been feeling this way but I was actually enjoying being whipped across my clitoris. I think it was hubby or it may have been several different guys or maybe the whole lot because it was so hard to tell who was doing what. I was fucked from behind, then whipped then fucked again, or fisted, then slapped, whipped and stretched with giant dildos. I didn't even know if it was the same guys fucking me and still don't because hubby would never tell or if he had invited even more guys to the room to share his wife with in this night of depravity.

For what seemed like forever I was subjected to this tense, sexually painful, game of suspension, a game of confusion, a game of undelivered anticipation. A game as I discovered hubby liked to play and played very well, especially with his friends as participants. I was eventually untied and made to kneel on the floor with my arms tied behind my back, still left blindfolded my mouth was used as a fuck hole so they could each cum over my face. I could feel the cum drip off my face onto my body and like a good submissively obedient wife I never complained, not once through out that entire night and to this day hubby is still so very proud of me.

oldman1973 74M/37F  
617 posts
11/3/2021 7:21 pm

My husband is like yours, love seeing me being serviced by many cocks

geilzu3t1 52M
11 posts
10/21/2021 4:45 am

ja echt abhgefahren,!!!!!!!!!!

Leegs2012 50M
96137 posts
10/5/2021 10:20 am

What a great Sex life you two have!! Very Nice!!

forgotforgetting 56M
8134 posts
10/5/2021 9:08 am

Impressive story. Hats off to your endurance.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

justfunboy2017 39M
32 posts
10/5/2021 7:36 am


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